CHFA was created to increase the availability of affordable and accessible housing to the lower and middle income Coloradans. CHFA has many programs they offer and all will require a home buyers education class to be completed. The CHFA offices are centrally located downtown Denver and do take consumer calls. However to secure a CHFA loan you have to work with a CHFA approved lender. M2 Lending is a CHFA approved lender and is one of many approved lenders in Colorado who can offer CHFA to you.

Benefits of CHFA programs

CHFA has been assisting homebuyers in Colorado since 1973! They can make your dream come true. They do require homebuyer education, however, CHFA can supplement when you need down payment assistance.

They only require $1000 to buy a house, that is less than what it takes for a first, last and security deposit for an apartment. Or a pair Local Epic Passes.

You don’t even have to be a first time home buyer to take use this program.


    The way it works is CHFA will give you up to a 4% loan, or they will give you a 3% grant to be used for a down payment and closing costs.

    With all CHFA programs as a borrower you have to invest $1,000 into the transaction when you buy. You must complete a home buyers education, and also live in the house. CHFA does impose income limitations, so depending on which CHFA loan program you select there may be restrictions for income. Call us and we will check the income limits for your area.